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Press Release: Tech Free Me

by 28 Mar 2019

28 March 2019 – for immediate release

Social technology company calls for less talk and more action on poorly designed technology

A social technology company has called for more to be done to address the negative impact of technology products on society.

Real Social Tech has pointed to the fact that poorly designed technology products such as social media and gaming has led to a rise in loneliness, mental health and other wellbeing issues.

The company was founded to raise awareness of the impact of the issues among the public and to then create social technology products that  help to make a positive social impact. The comments come off the back of a new product soon to be launched aimed at helping people reduce the use of technology in their lives.

Tech Free Me ( will enable people to schedule breaks from things like social media. Once a plan is made the site will allow users to share their planned break with social media and other digital contacts, so that they are aware of why they are tech silent.

The site will offer advice and support throughout the breaks taken, and will also let visitors know how the breaks have benefited the health, happiness and relationships of other people who used the service.

Stephen Gray, Founder of Real Social Tech, said: “To some extent, technology like social media has helped us connect with people. Unfortunately, when we use this technology too often we are more likely to experience loneliness, insecurities and other mental health issues. These issues then create a vicious circle of increasing our use of technology in a misguided understanding that it will help relieve the problem.

“We are now in a situation where younger generations do not know what it’s like to live without the technology, and it is now a fundamental part of their lives. I hope that campaigns like Tech Free Me will help parents and families to experience the somewhat forgotten pleasure of real social interactions.

“We will also make the anonymously collated data public to help cast some light on which tech platforms are causing the most harm and which types of tech breaks have the most positive effect on mental wellbeing.

“Real Social Tech was founded out of the frustration felt by me and others about the fact that, despite the rhetoric, not enough action is being taken to address the impact of poorly designed technology on society.”

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Notes to editors

  • For press enquiries and for media interviews, please contact / 07811 183633.
  • Stephen Gray, founder of Real Social Tech, and Ian Morton, director of Real Social Tech are available for media interviews.

About Real Social Tech

Real Social Tech ( aims to demonstrate the harm of technology on our lives – in particular the impact of poorly designed technology – and then create more socially positive alternatives. The organisation, which was founded in 2017, comes from a belief that humans would like a more authentic connection with one another.

The team behind Real Social Tech includes campaign, design, technology and PR experts who are involved because of a shared frustration at the lack of action being taken to address these issues.

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