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Press Release: Tech Free Me

28 March 2019 - for immediate release Social technology company calls for less talk and more action on poorly designed technology A social technology company has called for more to be done to address the negative impact of technology products on society. Real Social...

How emerging future technology will change social reality

The ultimate future of our social wellbeing and how it is influenced by technology is an exciting but scary thought. With new technologies emerging mostly for commerce and not for the greater good of society, could the very things that make us human come under threat?...

Online dating: why there has to be another way

The world has gone crazy for online dating. In 2011 there were 360 million of us online looking for love (and anything else for that matter). This increased to more than 500 million in 2016, with 672 million single people expected to be online by the year 2019. Closer...

What is Real Social? Is it the end of Social Media?

Real social is a new kind of technology sector that we have defined for the purposes of differentiating types of social tech. A real social company creates products and services to enhance society in a very physical and real way. A real social company differs from a...

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