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Our Mission


We love technology but we love humanity more. Technology was always meant to advance our society and the world we live in but many modern social technologies have stopped us being present, diminished human relationships and distanced us from reality. Many tech companies that claim to be selling social solutions do so by purposefully preying on our human vulnerabilities in order to manipulate behaviour and thus maximise profits. We are on a mission to raise awareness of the serious issues that anti-social technologies have on humanity as well as creating ethical, responsible and sustainable social technologies that authentically connect us.

We're a social enterprise

We are a business that is trying to change the world for the better. Like any traditional business we aim to make a profit but it’s what we do with our profits that sets us apart – reinvesting them back into our business to create further positive social change. We have been officially recognised as a social enterprise and have membership with Social Enterprise UK.



We have a clear social mission that is set out in our governing documents.


We are controlled and owned by persons with the interests of our social mission.


We reinvest the majority of our profits back into our real social purpose.


We are transparent about how we operate and the impact that we have.

What we do


We conduct research and knowledge share with other academic and professional social technologists. We also support research for charities & NGO’s with a real social purpose.

INNOVATION consultancy

We help charities and NGO’s with a real social purpose in adopting relevant and beneficial existing tech as well as creating bespoke tech products to increase their impact.

CX/UX COnsultancy

We help tech companies maximise sustainable profit by transforming their customer experience and product design to authentically connect users and better society.


COde of ethics

We work with all types of companies in supporting the creation of their code of conduct/ethics to minimise the negative impact technology can have in disconnecting humanity.


Real CSR accreditation

A corporate social responsibility  accreditation scheme for brand owners and agencies that want to show their customers that they believe in keeping it real.

Product Development

We develop our own set of social tech products that help humanity to connect in an authentic and real way, providing an alternative to the antisocial tech currently on offer.

Our Products

We are working on a number of real social technology products that range from experiences that better teach children empathy and love, to tackling the loneliness that the elderly too often experience. The below products are those that have been fully conceptualised, designed and are in the build phase.

Tech Free Me™

Tech Free Me is a desktop and mobile website that helps setup a one-off or re-occurring break from all or certain types of tech. The user can:

– see the resulting mental health and relationship benefits
– assist in sharing of their plan to go tech-silent
– find venues that have tech-free policies
– find tech-free vacations


Beclosa is the worlds’s first real social network.

The tech strengthens human relationships as well as helping a user retain them throughout their lifetime. It has been designed to offer the most authentic way possible of connecting to a contact as well as reminding them to prioritise both the quality and time of relationships that are most important to them.

In the simplest sense it is an intelligent CRM for your personal relationships


Realate is a dating app that brings back the much-needed authenticity, romance and chemistry to the process of meeting someone special. Features include:

– no public profile or swiping mentality
– find someone nearby to date at a convenient time

– meet in a safe pre-validated venue
– keeps user identities anonymous and safe

We believe in Real CSR

A company that designs social technology cannot practise true corporate social responsibility if the products and services they create are not benefitting society in a very physical and real way.

A Real CSR company provides a temporary technology solution that is used in order to increase human-to-human connectivity as opposed to permanently placing the technology between the relationship in a human-to-tech-to-human manner or worse still, permanently replacing the human altogether with a human-to-tech relationship.

billion people will be using social networks around the globe in 2019, up from 2.46 billion in 2017


more likely to feel lonely if you use social networks over 58 times a week than those who use the sites under 9 times

million singles are expected to be using online dating around the globe by 2019


of young people are using online dating for confidence-boosting procrastination with no intention of meeting

Areas of Interest

Social Media

With 75% of global internet users registered with a social network and one of the highest engagement rates of all internet activity, social media has both a massive reach and impact on society; one that we believe to be mostly negative. It may network us and allow us to easily share content but usage of many of the most popular platforms replaces authentic human connection. This leaves users feeling alone and opens Pandora’s box to further usage of the very thing disconnecting them from real relationships.


27% of new relationships are now started via online dating platforms but we believe this tech has all but killed connecting through chemistry and the subsequent romantic discovery we all deserve. There are dating scammers, real users with no intention of meeting, users that seriously misrepresent themselves and tragically, a disproportionate increase in date related rape and abuse. We do not believe in getting to know someone special via chat or that matching partners can ever be worked out using a machine.


Games developers are making more engaging and addictive products that transpose temporal entertainment into the realm of life absorbing. The industry now encourages the play of these time-draining games through e-sports as a social community with high winner-takes-all cash prizes. When arcade gaming started off in the 80’s it was a real social experience and testament to the success this brings is the fact that 6 of the 10 highest grossing games of all time incorporate a real-social connection to other gamers.

Robotics & Cybernetics

Robotics will eventually force all of us to question what it means to be human. Modern social robots are purposefully built for a deceptive relationship in which we will need them. They are programmed to give us what we want and will not object to our requests leading to a lack of empathy and tolerance for other life. Cybernetics may help those with disabilities to lead able lives but human enhancement beyond this will lead to a deepening of social division.

Virtual Reality

Whilst augmented reality by its very nature assists us in real world, virtual realities will be places to swap our sometimes difficult lives with worlds of social predictability, pleasure and perfection. How long will it take for users to see VR as a replacement to physical connection and why would anyone finding real social interaction tough want to return to reality? Even more worrying is the transference of the same mind from one reality to another and the implications that could have on real-world behaviour.


Whilst modern communication tech has circumvented the realities of space, time and even language, users often use this tech as a substitute instead of an alternative to real social contact even when physical distance is not an issue. Understanding and meaning can be skewed because of the limitation of complex semantics and body language. The always-on syndrome detaches us from mindfulness and focus. Filters and avatars change who we are whilst AI bots deceive us into thinking we are talking to another human.

Help us help humanity

Investment, Grants & Sponsorship
Everything we do is currently self-funded through the directors’ personal funds. We are interested in raising money in order to quickly scale our products and services. If you are interested in financially supporting our mission and want to know more about the opportunities, please get in touch.
If you have the skills or experience that you think could help us and are a true believer in our mission to authentically connect humanity, please get in touch. We are particularly interested in anyone that could help in the design and development of our products.
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